Idiligo – developed for customised and structured online meetings

Idiligo was founded in 2011. We believe that most decision-making processes are based on trust and personal contact, especially in the online world. Idiligo enables personal online contact in a safe and secure environment to guarantee trustworthy meetings that will give you the results you need!

At the beginning, our developers focused on the possibility of conducting effective and structured “conversations”, where it would be easy to use predefined sequences. This is how Idiligo scripts were created. In the following years, they became our core functionality. Multiple functions where added later, such as digital signatures, video, and audio. They are based on WebRTC technology.

As a result, the Gartner Institute awarded Idiligo the Cool Vendor Award. Today, many customers and users know and appreciate the possibilities offered by Idiligo, and soon we'll be able to launch the next generation of this software. Thanks to a universal API, it will be easy to integrate third party solutions. Idiligo users not only save their money and time. They also help to protect the environment. There is no need for paper or cars: They can hold an online meeting, and still get satisfying results!

In the meantime, Idiligo is expanding to Brazilian and German markets, and we are preparing its launch in multiple countries worldwide. We expect it to be launched in the UK, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland very soon. Our recent addition, Idiligo Consultancy, shows that we have the ambition to deliver not only a ready-made solution, but also a hands-on experience to assist customers who wish to make the transition into personal online contact.
See you online soon.

Frank Korthouwer
founder and ceo