Customer success story: Call Center KiKxxl

10 novembre 2020

“With Idiligo we achieve an 80% faster completion of contract negotiations.”

The German call center KiKxxl, which, amongst others, works for large telecommunications companies, is successfully using Idiligo for their B2B inbound and outbound sales teams and has achieved some impressive results. This is how they did it:


Amongst others, the German call center KiKxxl works for large telecommunications companies. For the B2B inbound and outbound sales teams, convincing customers to conclude mobile and landline phone contracts over the phone and to close the deal immediately is a daily challenge. Therefore, to close the deal, the contract often needs to be emailed to the customer, and multiple follow up calls are necessary to increase the chances of the customer finally signing/concluding it. This takes up a considerable amount of time and the chances of closing the deal are relatively small.


If, during the phone call, the agent notices, that the customer is interested in the product, the agents invites the customer to an online meeting while talking to him on the phone. The contract is automatically being uploaded to the online meeting via the call center’s API. Like this, the complex contract details can be walked through point by point with the customer. The customer as well as the agent can see the completed contract and all relevant passages can be discussed. With the digital signature, the customer immediately signs the contract legally secure using his smartphone or tablet. The deal is closed, and the completed contract is immediately available to both parties. During the online meeting, the agent is being guided through the whole process by Idiligo, step-by-step.
Features KiKxxl used: Make choices, upload documents, present documents, sign documents, download documents and autogenerate & send emails.


Thanks to the increased transparency of the sales process and the simple contract signing, the customer experience has been optimized. The customer experiences a perfect visualization of the complex contract documents, which was not possible before. Due to the possibility of an immediate and legally secure contract closure, the time of the entire contract negotiation process is now 80% faster than before. Only one quarter of the contracts are concluded in the traditional way (voice recording, emailing of contracts). The remaining 75% are closed using Idiligo. The signed contracts are immediately available to both parties and can be processed further. Idiligo facilitates an easy navigation through the whole process and no side agreements can be made.

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