Digital tools help financial advisors to become & stay successful

19 février 2020

Digitization – this is how digital tools help financial advisors to become & stay successful

In the wake of digitization, financial advisors are often finding it difficult to meet the ever-increasing digital demands. But one thing is certain: The digital change has arrived and will increasingly determine the advisor’s daily work and customer communication.
Currently however, digitization is still a rather unpopular topic in the insurance and finance world, and some are even trying to avoid it. This is despite the fact that digitization offers numerous opportunities to maximize profits and take the customer experience to a higher level.
A study shows, that digital tools make insurance advisors more successful. Digital tools offer new ways to generate more reach, increase sales and expand the advisor’s service portfolio.

Efficiency & sales increases as killer arguments

The integration of digital consulting tools makes it possible to process significantly more customer meetings in the same time. Thus, the time saved can in turn be invested in additional customers, which increases a business’s overall profit and efficiency.

Video advice, screen sharing, digital signature & much more

In addition to software for customer management, the actual customer advice process and concluding contracts also offers many new, digital opportunities. Especially with existing customers, where a certain level of trust has already been established, the advisor and customer can easily meet online, not having to be physically present at the same location. Instead, important topics can be discussed via an Online Meeting. They communicate via video function. The fitting insurance is selected together in the tariff calculator using the screen sharing function. Contracts are filled in and discussed using the online form function and are then legally and digitally signed by the customer within seconds using his smartphone or tablet. If necessary, the customer can even upload documents such as his last pay slip or ID. This saves time and valuable resources, since the entire process is carried out digitally. Like this, advisors get contracts signed and concluded immediately. Additionally, it is not necessary to send the documents by post or follow up on missing signatures. For the advisor this means: more deals in less time. The benefit for the customer: convenient and flexible insurance advice – whether from the couch in the evening or during his lunch break at the office.

All functions in one solution

Numerous software providers are already present in the market. They each cover single aspects of digital customer advice separately: Digital signature, video telephony or screen sharing. But jumping back and forth between providers is complicated and creates an unprofessional customer experience. In addition, it is often difficult to integrate several providers equally into your own system. This is where Idiligo comes into play: With just one solution, Idiligo combines all functions in one place. From video telephony and digital signatures, to screen sharing and many more functions – the entire digital customer meeting can be covered by one solution. To make processes even leaner, the Idiligo interface also offers an easy way to synchronize customer data and documents with the own system in real time. Like this, even less administrative effort is required.

The future is coming faster than desired

The next generations, who intuitively use digital devices and tools from childhood onwards, enormously reinforce the structural change and ensure that the insurance industry will also be increasingly digitized. Location-independent communication via video function or digital document management are already standard in many businesses. Therefore, one thing is certain: digital is the new standard, analog was yesterday.

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