The key to sales success on a silver platter

06 août 2020

Do your sales teams, advisors and resellers have the same sales objectives in mind as you do?

…and more importantly, are they doing everything they can to meet these goals? Even though a businesses’ sales objectives should be clear to all employees, some might not work towards the same goal as the business would like them to. Maybe because they don’t know, how to reach the predefined closure rates, because they are insecure or find that they don’t have enough time to prepare and follow up on all their leads. This is ok, and of course each employee, sales agent and reseller is different and prefers to follow their own sales technique. But are their individual sales strategies and techniques really successful?

Serve them the perfect sales process on the silver platter

The lack of clear processes leads to many sales agents not meeting the desired closure rates or providing bad customer advice. But what do businesses expect?! They communicate, what the businesses’ desired goals are but might not take into account that some of employees struggle to know, how to achieve them. A remedy can be a clear sales processes, including sales and product content, which are being provided to sales agents, advisors and even external resellers. Make life easy for them! Don’t let them waste valuable time. Don’t let them struggle to find out what the best strategy is…just serve it to them on the silver platter. You will see, it won’t just be them who benefit from this. Also, your business will report happier customers, successful and motivated sales teams, and (probably one of the most interesting reasons to provide a sales enablement tool to your team) increased revenue.

Start today: Think about your objectives and how to reach them!

Even if you don’t know how to reach your sales objectives yet, it’s a perfect start to think about what the sales objectives of your business are. Make a list of (realistic) goals and as a second step, try to figure out how to reach them. Are there success stories from the past that worked well and (also very important!) have you or your employees experienced failures? If yes, that’s great, because they are perfect indicators of what NOT to do. Collect all these points and then prioritize what’s important during a sales or advisory process. Write down the content and the questions that the customer should be confronted with. Then bring these steps into a structured order – the key objective / end goal always in mind!
When you’ve done this, you’re almost ready to go. Now you just need to provide this valuable insight to your employees and resellers. To do so, you can make use of sales enablement tools like Idiligo. Idiligo integrates your individual sales or advisory process into an online meeting, including all relevant content, presentations, customer questions and even autogenerated contracts or emails.

If you’d like to learn more about how Idiligo can help you with reaching your sales objectives, just get in touch with us or one of our local partners. We are happy to have a chat with you!

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