Call Center: 80% faster contract negotiations

16 september 2019

Time savings & increased completion rates using structured online meetings

Guided online meetings and agreements save time and money compared to traditional field or phone sales. At the same time, they increase the transparency for the people involved in the online meeting. By using Idiligo as an online sales and consulting solution, the German communications service provider KiKxxl has achieved 80% faster contract negotiations, as well as two hours’ time savings per customer. In addition, the employees immediately obtain legally binding contracts during the online meetings using the digital signature feature.

Consultation, contract review & closure in a single meeting

During the online meeting the complex product offerings and contracts are reviewed step by step with the customer. The customer and the consultant see and discuss the completed documents on their respective screens. All relevant passages of the contract are discussed in detail and can be adjusted according to the wishes of the customer. After signing the contract digitally and legally binding, the completed documents are immediately available to the consultant and the customer.

The perfect sales solution, especially with high employee turnover

Before Idiligo is being used by the consultants for the first time, the company and Idiligo develop a perfect conversation process together. Based on this predefined process, Idiligo automatically guides the consultant and customer through the online meeting. The whole content of each step has been predefined. Like this, each employee can provide high quality advice already after a short training. This is highly important, especially regarding companies with high turnover rates and short training periods. Thanks to the clear and predefined conversation, no side agreements can be made.

A detailed article about the use of Idiligo at KiKxxl has been published in the German magazine CallCenterProfi. Click here to read the full article.

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