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The impact of smart content

  • 100% control over meeting content
  • 30% higher conversion
  • 50% steeper learning curve
  • 2 hours’ time savings per meeting
  • follow up automated


For you and your network

  • Discover how easy it is to create scripted content on our (low-code) platform
  • Discover how easy it is to distribute this scripted content to your network

Design your meetings with 10+ features

Present documents
Present videos
Embed iframes
Make choices
Fill in forms
Share screen
Generate documents
Send emails
Download documents
Upload documents
Sign documents
Create reports
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Digital Customer Experience “We offer our customers new possibilities to serve their customers.”
2 hours less per customer “We are saving 2 hours on each customer contact simply by using Idiligo.”
80% faster contract negotiations “With Idiligo we achieve an 80% faster completion of contract negotiations.”

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