How Idiligo works

With Idiligo, advisors and inside sales create results-oriented and predictable online meetings with their customers. Idiligo automatically leads the advisor and customer through a structured meeting, step by step. During the meeting both parties see the same content on their screen. Since the perfect sales or advisory process has been predefined, nothing can be forgotten or explained incorrectly. This predefined process is called a ‘script’.

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Idiligo makes it easy to perform results-oriented and repeatable customer meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I or my participants need to download software in order to use Idiligo?

    No, neither you nor your participants need to download software. You only need a stable internet connection.

    Does my participant need an Idiligo account in order to join an Idiligo online meeting?

    No, your participant doesn’t need to sign up for an Idiligo account. He can simply join via an email link or participation code.

    Can I use Idiligo on my mobile device?

    Yes, Idiligo can be used on any modern mobile device.

    Can I integrate Idiligo with my CRM system?

    Yes, using the powerful Idiligo API, it is possible to integrate Idiligo with your CRM system.

    Can I design the Idiligo interface according to my businesses Corporate Design?

    Yes, depending on your Idiligo plan you can adjust and customize the Idiligo interface to different extents.

    How do I create my own script?

    Creating your own script is quite easy. Simply decide, which conversation features you need and put them in a structured order. Either learn how to create your script by following the instructions from the support desk, or just contact us – we are happy to help!