The sales enablement solution for sales teams, vendors & resellers

Achieve better & predictable results, by adding algorithm-based content to online meetings. From new business to customer retention calls – Idiligo integrates entire sales and advisory processes. This increases closure rates and reduces learning curves.

Online Sales & Customer Advice

From first inquiry, through clarifying your customers’ needs to signing documents online: Idiligo guides you through the entire sales & advisory process, ensuring that it is results-oriented and efficient. Your customers join the online meeting with just one click – no software download necessary.

What our customers say:

  • 80% faster contract negotiations
  • 2 hours time savings per customer contact
  • Perfect visualization of complex contract documents
  • Legally secure digital signature
  • Full control over the sales & advisory process
  • Easy scalability and distribution to internal sales teams & external resellers


“ By introducing Idiligo in our B2B outbound and inbound sales teams, we have gained significant benefits for our business. ”
KiKxxl GmbH Call Center

Predefine & control the sales process

Put the steps of your customer advice or sales call into a structured order and predefine the content. This ensures, that nothing is forgotten or explained incorrectly, and that the perfect content and questions are included. Use best practice sales/advisory processes and make them available for all. Idiligo automatically leads the agent through the predefined steps and content of the online meeting. Like this, the agent fully concentrates on the customer contact and delivers recurring high quality and results-oriented advice.


Gather customer data, share your screen & present documents

During the online meeting, the customer and agent look at the same content on their respective screens – no matter where they are. This increases transparency and trust. Together, they select the matching product and complete forms or contracts together. If needed, the customer can even upload documents, such as his ID. To save time and minimize input errors, use Idiligo’s API to synchronize meeting content with your own systems.

Increased conversion & immediate contract closures

After having discussed the product offer or contract, the deal can be closed immediately. The customer simply signs the contract digitally and legally secure using his smartphone or tablet. At the end of the online meeting, the signed contract can be emailed to the customer and downloaded for your records.


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