A right to Home Office?

10 abril 2019

Idiligo provides structured work from home

Perfectly organized collaboration with customers and colleagues

Digitalization – Flexibility – Home Office: How can work be organized and structured as efficiently as possible in order to meet the needs of companies as well as the needs of employees? Just recently, the SPD, a German party, has made a push that polarizes: We are talking about the introduction of a «Right to Home Office» (many media such as the FAZ reported about it).Not only does the political party occupy this highly topical issue. Employers, too, have been advocating a greater shift of work to Home Office models for some time (see manager magazin). New working time models are thus being discussed in many places: across all sectors, nationwide, among employers and associations as well as in the chambers and unions.

At Idiligo, we are curious how the debate will continue and whether there will actually be a bill to promote the Home Office. But fact is however, that the trend in many professions is to leave it up to the employees where they spend part of their working time. Creative designers or copywriters in advertising agencies are taking advantage of the Home Office model today, as do sales professionals, insurance agents, accountants and translators, etc. – and they are getting more and more every day.

If so, then: Flexibility is important. But it is equally important to us, to make the work from home as structured and quality-oriented as possible. And here, the Idiligo software helps!

Structured & high-quality customer communication from anywhere

Whether it’s about a short consultation with colleagues or an online meeting with customers about new offers: Whoever uses Idiligo in their Home Office, can save many journeys, time and costs – for themselves and the employer. The pre-built Idiligo scripts help to clearly structure and document the face-to-face communication via PC, tablet or smartphone.

The steps and structure of the online meeting are predefined. Possible steps of the online meeting can be the presentation of a product or service, sharing the employee’s screen, up- and downloading documents or filling in forms. And when a new deal comes to an end, the electronic signature comes into play. It can easily be integrated directly into the online meeting process, if required. Idiligo leads the employee and customer automatically through the whole online meeting. This ensures, that the employee, even when working from home, provides high-quality customer advice, without having to worry about forgetting anything or explaining the product or service the wrong way.

Simple reporting feature for the employer

An additional advantage: All steps and results of the online meeting are automatically being documented by Idiligo and can be downloaded as a report. Like this, the employer can easily keep control over the work processes of his employees working from home.

A huge benefit for employers and users: Idiligo is browser-based. This means that all the employee needs at home, is Internet access. An app does not have to be downloaded – either on its part, or by its participant.
We do not know whether Home Office models are right for every business – but whenever they’re a real alternative, the Idiligo platform provides the ideal support.


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