Network Scripts increase sales for vendors, resellers & advisors

04 febrero 2020

How can a vendor make sure, that its resellers & advisors are selling the way he wants them to?

Providing resellers with a predefined sales solution and tool can help increase sales & control at the same time. Vendors distribute a ready-to-use Network Script to their resellers or advisors. This can be a sales or advisory script or anything else, which is tailored to the individual business needs. The resellers/advisors then use the script to hold Online Meetings with their customers. The content of the Online Meeting is predefined by the Network Script provider. However, it is always possible to include some level of flexibility for users, if needed. Like this, the vendor has full control of the content of the meeting. At the same time, the reseller/advisor can easily hold a successful customer meeting, without having to worry about communicating the wrong information in the wrong order.

Easy to implement by the resellers & advisors

Since the Network Script has been predefined and created by the Network Script provider, the reseller/advisor doesn’t have to worry about the content of the Online Meeting anymore. Plus, there is no need of deep technical knowledge to offer modern customer advice and close deals digitally, since the script is ready-to-use. All the reseller/advisor has to do is activate the script in his account and get started.

Improved customer experience

The sales & advisory processes that are being used in the Network Scripts are based on best practice experiences. The goal is to offer a perfect customer experience that leads to the desired and predefined goal – usually a contract closure or similar – while focusing on the customer’s needs. Communicating the sales details transparently to the customer and exactly responding to the customer’s needs is essential. Trust and transparency can be generated for example, by sharing your own screen (e.g. tariff calculator), filling out forms together (e.g. contract details) or presenting documents (e.g. completed contract). Additionally, closing deals or advising via Online Meeting is not only beneficial for the advisor: Also the customer saves valuable time by being able to meet and discuss important details with his advisor online from wherever he wants.

Increased closure rates

Goal-driven and efficient customer advice processes lead to increased closure rates. The Online Meeting with the customer can include everything that’s necessary: From presenting a product presentation to completing and signing a contract online. Whatever is needed to achieve the desired goal, will be part of the Online Meeting process. Here you can find a list of features that can be included in the Online Meeting.

Unlimited Network Script users

Once a Network Script has been created, it can be distributed to as many resellers/ advisors as possible. All they need to do is activate the script in their account and invite their first customer.


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