Customer consulting with conclusion guarantee

27 février 2019

How does the consultant achieve a legally binding contract signing online?

Employees who advise their customers online know the problem only too well: The online meeting is prepared perfectly, and a customized offer is made to the customer. However, the advice often fails on the signature of the customer and thus the lack of direct contract conclusion.

In other words, often the online meeting ends up nowhere. The immediate conclusion does not take place. This is followed by the dispatch of further information and contract documents, as well as repeated follow-up calls and back-end calls. This costs valuable time and often leads to the bounce of an originally positively tuned customer lead. Idiligo puts an end to this process gap in cooperation with the legally compliant, electronic signature of iS2.

In a nutshell: perfect division of labor makes the success

Why does the combination of Idiligo’s structured online meetings and the electronic signature of iS2 work so well?
Both components offer identical performance features:

  • Platform-independent service: there is no need to download any software.
  • Pre-engineered performance features that can be individually tailored to customer requirements.
  • Easy handling combined with clear user guidance.
  • Legal security and all-in-one philosophy.


Idiligo and inSign complement each other perfectly

Based on pre-defined meeting scripts, Idiligo guides the consultant and client through the online meetings. Either the consultant uses a Public Script, prebuilt by Idiligo. Or he creates his individual meeting script, according to his own company requirements. A script is like the cooking instructions of a recipe: It guides the consultant step-by-step through the different phases of the online meeting. These steps are mostly determined in advance. This allows the consultant to fully concentrate on the customer contact.
inSign, the electronic signature of iS2 is the perfect closing element. The discussed documents and contracts can be signed immediately, during the online meeting.

Frank J. Korthouwer, CEO of Idiligo, comments: « InSign is a perfect match for Idiligo as it makes structured online meetings even more efficient. Due to the digital signature, legally binding contract signatures are possible during the online meeting. This saves time and increases closure rates enormously. « 

The customers say: it works!

Idiligo and inSign stand for modern, structured online consulting and successful online sales. This is by no means a simple claim – the customers confirm that. Because last but not least, success is measured by quotas and conversion rates.

KiKxxl, a communications service provider and key customer said:  » By introducing Idiligo in our B2B outbound and inbound sales teams, we have gained significant benefits for our business. The complex contracts can be walked through point by point with the customer as part of the online meeting. […] With the digital signature, the completed documents are immediately available to the seller and the customer. »

KiKxxl announces a considerable list of advantages:

  • 80% faster completion of contract negotiations
  • Legally secure, digital signature
  • Digital customer experience
  • The completed documents are immediately available to both parties and can be processed further
  • Easy navigation through online meetings
  • Perfect visualization of complex contract documents
  • Due to the given structure of online meetings, no side agreements can be made


Curious how Idiligo and the digital signature work? Here you can easily book a short demo and see for yourself.