Do you trust your partner? Trust in your financial service provider!

19 août 2020

* This is a featured blog post written by our partner Robert Janssen from NNOffice *

Whether it’s your husband, wife, colleague or best friend – you want to be sure, that you’ve got a partner at your side you can trust whatever happens. But why this blog title? You can also draw parallels to financial services. Ask a manager if he trusts his employees. The answer will be that they are all qualified employees with the right diplomas who keep their knowledge up to date every year and who he fully trusts.

It is good that a manager trusts his employees. It is the basis for any relationship. However, it is impossible for an advisor to always be aware of all developments in the current market. The complexity of financial services has increased enormously in recent decades. It is not so much about trust, but about whether the consultant always has the right up-to-date knowledge. As far as I am concerned, asking the question is answering the question.

How can you ensure that advisors always have the right knowledge and do the right things? The magic word is supporting the consultants through a “customer meeting journey”. This is a meeting journey in which the consultant is assisted in the conversation with the customer. A customer journey can, for example, be a starter or overseer in the housing market, but also a maintenance interview with a customer with investment insurance. Every conversation is different, so every customer journey will also be different. Despite these differences, you can ensure an unambiguous recording. A personalized report or letter for the client and a compliant internal recording of the conversation by the consultant.
And after reading this blog, you might think: « That sounds nice, but it cannot be realized! ». We have developed these customer journeys many times within the financial sector. You can get started with your first customer journey within a period of 1 month. We use Idiligo for the development of customer journeys.

An additional advantage of using Idiligo is that the conversations and handling are much more efficient. This can add up to a time advantage of 75% per customer lead. Many consultants are often skeptical when using a customer journey for the first time, but after the first use they are enthusiastic. Conducting conversations with the customer is what gives advisers energy. The administrative settlement after the interview is usually not at the top of their list. And finally, the customer rating? This increases after implementation because customers are better informed and experience more structure in the conversation.

Would you like to experience how a customer journey works as a consultant or as a customer by using Idiligo? Get in touch with me via the NNOffice website. I’m happy to tell you about the possibilities Idiligo offers for your business and can show you the different functions during a free online demo.

* This is a featured blog post written by our partner Robert Janssen from NNOffice *


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