Successful & efficient online customer advice for banks

08 janvier 2020

Providing flexible advice to customers via online meetings and getting legally binding contracts signed online – this is now possible with the platform-independent online meeting solution Idiligo.

Digital and legal requirements as well as providing a customer service that meets the needs of today’s customers – these are key challenges that banks are currently facing.

Customer satisfaction redefined

Today’s customers are increasingly digitally connected. Flexibility, speed and individually tailored customer advice are increasingly expected as standard. They are the decisive factors for a good customer experience and satisfied customers. Traveling to an appointment at the bank branch, the waiting time at the counter as well as a time-consuming mailing of documents affect the customer experience mostly negative. Most banks still rely on personal on-site advice. In addition, documents are printed and, for the purpose of contract signing, sent by post or personal follow-up appointments take place – an avoidable waste of time and cost factor. Many of these processes can already be handled digitally.

Digital change as an opportunity

With Idiligo as an online meeting solution for banks, customers and consultants meet online instead of an on-site appointment. This allows banks to bundle expert teams centrally, without being tied to a specific branch. The customer chooses whether to meet with the bank adviser on the way to work, during his lunch break or in the evening after work on his couch. On the computer screen, tablet or smartphone, documents and contracts are filled in together. They can be discussed and afterwards legally and digitally signed by the customer using the touch function on his smartphone or tablet. Thus, the completed documents are immediately available to the advisor and customer. During the meeting, the customer and advisor communicate via telephone or the integrated video function. This ensures efficient processes in financial advice and a successful digital customer experience.

You can also read this article for free in the october issue of IT-Banker on page 13.

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