Virtual Online Meetings instead of shaking hands

18 mars 2020

Regardless of whether it is due to the time and cost factor, for efficiency reasons or to protect the climate: Customer meetings and contract negotiations via Online Meetings are a real alternative today. That means, that the advisor simply ‘meets’ his customer online to fill in and discuss documents or contracts together, to share his screen, to exchange documents or even get them legally signed online.

Online Meetings as an alternative to on-site customer visits

Of course, the personal contact and trust that are established during an on-site meeting cannot be easily replaced. But Online Meetings are a real alternative, especially when it comes to follow-up meetings or a brief discussion of contracts, where there is already a basis of trust. Customers and advisors save time. In case of a home visit, the customer does not have to prepare the apartment, and the appointments can easily take place during the lunch break or just after work from the couch. There are no limits to creativity.

More customers in the same amount of time lead to increased sales

Especially in times when climate protection, sustainability and the resource time are becoming more and more important, a rethink is required: Can my processes, or at least parts of them, be restructured so that Online Meetings with customers increase efficiency and sales? Because, the less time is wasted on trips to the customer or the preparation of a meeting room, the more time there is to serve even more customers at the same time and thus increase sales.

ONE solution for all digital communication needs

The market is already full of different software from Skype to Google Hangouts. However, these usually only address single aspects of digital contact, such as Video calls OR screen sharing. But what is needed is a solution that combines all aspects, which are necessary for a successful online customer meeting: video call, screen sharing, filling out forms, showing presentations or discussing, exchanging and signing documents. This solution is called Idiligo. A browser-based Online Meeting solution that can be used by any customer at any time without installation.

To find out how Idiligo can help your business communicate digitally and increase sales, just get in touch with us. We are happy to asses, together with you, whether and how your business can benefit from using Idiligo. Or order a FREE Idiligo account with the basic functions such as sharing your screen, presenting & uploading documents or sharing videos with your participant.


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