Algorithm-based online meetings

08 octobre 2020

Combine the strength of both human and machines and boost your top line!

Idiligo offers the technology to enable human and machine collaboration in online meetings. With algorithm-based scripts you enhance online meetings with the right content at the right moment. No more wrong advice is given to the customer or outdated information is being presented. Ideal for sales reps and advisors who have to explain complex products to their customers.

The importance of AI: Less repetitive tasks result in more time for big thinking

According to a survey by PwC 67% of business executives believe leveraging AI will help humans and machines work together and combine both digital and human intelligences in the best ways possible. Especially standard processes or tasks which always follow the same guidelines can easily be supported by AI and therefore save valuable time and costs. Business executives also see a potential for AI to improve the life for their employees, since the employees are able to concentrate on the meaningful and important aspects of their work, instead of wasting their time and brain capacity for complex standard processes. 55% of the business executives believe, that AI’s potential to boost business productivity, inform strategy and generate growth outweighs the potential downside of employment concerns.

Start small and embrace the change

We believe in starting small, continuously learning and looking out for new perspectives. With Idiligo, businesses can supply their employees and resellers with algorithm-based sales and consulting scripts. This ensures a customer communication, which is tailor made and always optimized to the point. Additionally, repetitive tasks and processes are supported by AI, which saves valuable time. In times of increased online customer communication this gives businesses a competitive advantage by saving time, increasing the quality of customer communication as well as their sales.

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