Your route to predictable sales

09 septembre 2020

Create a sales framework, that is scalable and repeatable

To enable your business achieving predictable sales, a clear process and framework is needed. When building up or training a (new) sales team, you can’t just tell them what your goal is and then leave them to it, hoping for their sales activities to be successful. What you need to do, is think thoroughly and strategically about how you want to build up the sales process. What should be the content of a meeting with a (potential) customer and which steps, questions and information should be addressed?

Focus, focus, focus

There are clear benefits of providing your sales team with a clear process and predefined content they can use during their customer communication: the sales team can focus solely on the customer contact and achieving the desired/predicted goal. Like this, even without having studied all product presentations and documents, the sales agent is easily capable of explaining complex products and services. She doesn’t have to prepare sales material or presentations. Everything is already part of the online meeting process and pops up automatically. This process creates a meeting journey that the sales agent and customer are being led through automatically step-by-step.

Build a script that concludes with the desired outcome

A script can be broken down into different steps, which follow one after the other (see below). Obviously, in most cases this process looks a bit more complex depending on the number of products you offer. In all cases, the process should end with a desired closure, contract signing or whatever you wish. Of course, there can also be an additional process route for the case that the customer is not interested. But even in this scenario, the contact should be handled professionally, for example by sending out an automatically generated and personalized ‘Thank you-email’.


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