Virtual selling – successful & efficient

01 juillet 2020

Salespeople are not meeting the buyers’ expectations

Virtual customer communication and therefore, virtual selling has increased dramatically over the last few month. According to a study by the RAIN Group with 500+ salespeople and buyers across EMEA, the Americas and APAC they found that there has been an increase of 163% of virtual sales from pre-pandemic to during the pandemic. However, buyers reported that salespeople are doing quite a poor job in their sales activities, especially in those, which are highly relevant for the buyers’ purchase decisions.

Neglecting buyers’ needs results in lost leads

For buyers it is highly important that during an online meeting, the salesperson finds out the buyers’ concerns, wants and needs and listens carefully to what the buyer has to say. Unfortunately, most salespeople do not seem to listen carefully to the buyer and give him the attention he needs (only 26%). Taking into consideration, that being listened to, discovering the buyers needs and wants, and coming up with a solution for the buyers’ problem, are some of the most important factors for the buyers’ buying decision (around 70%), this leads to unnecessary lost leads.

Successful online meetings require clear processes

Since many salespeople have been “forced” to sell virtually only a short time ago, this also presents a new way of working and selling for them. But still, closure rates should be kept up and customers must feel listened to. Buyers have the right to receive the best solutions and products for the problems they are facing. Communicating via online meeting and not meeting the buyer in a familiar face-to-face meeting requires not only a shift in mind, but also a shift in the sales process. Holding free online meetings, with no structure and presentation whatsoever might be a good solution for loose team meetings. But when it comes to selling, a good preparation, the right questions, product presentations, and especially a predefined goal or outcome of the online meeting are undoubtedly the key to reach the desired closure.

Salespeople cannot keep track of everything

Not all salespeople in an organization have the time and competency to professionally prepare a successful online meeting with a buyer. They might mainly focus on things like getting the technology up and working or making sure, that their home office background looks great. This is ok, but the actual content and a goal-oriented process of the online meeting must not be neglected either. So, what if there was an online meeting solution, which would make sure, that the buyer is asked all the right questions that make him feel listened to and helps the salesperson understand the buyers’ needs. And if then, depending on the buyers’ feedback, the correct products are presented in a well-designed presentation and maybe even a personalized offer is being generated and emailed to the buyer within a single click.

Successful virtual sales for EVERY salesperson

Sounds impossible? It is not! This is exactly what Idiligo is all about. It is THE sales enablement tool for successful virtual selling. Idiligo combines the standard online meeting features such as videoconferencing or sharing screen with the ability to lead the salesperson through a predefined sales process during the online meeting, which has been predefined by the company beforehand. This can mean, that the salesperson and buyer start the meeting with filling in a form which collects the buyers’ needs, then continue with the presentation of a matching product, and finalize everything with an email, including a personalized offer. All during one online meeting.

So, if your salespeople are also struggling to make the best of selling via online meeting, get in touch with us! We are happy to discuss, whether and how Idiligo can make your virtual sales successful.