Businesses benefit from increased acceptance of online communication tools

18 juin 2020

Digitization on the fast lane

An unexpected surge in digitization has led to changes in numerous business processes worldwide. Employees work from home, meetings are moved to digital formats, and customer advice / support is also done digitally at a distance. In a very short time, it was possible to do what many tried to avoid for a long time. The acceptance of online and digital business communication increased enormously, and it turned out: it even works quite well.

Quickly make use of your customers’ willingness to use digital communication tools

Many employees, but also customers, now have webcams, headsets and LAN cables at home. So, everything is there that is needed for digital communication. Now it is important for companies to use this development sensibly and quickly. Digitizing (parts of) your own business processes means not only being up to date, but also considerable cost and time savings. Travel times to the customer are eliminated, products are selected and configured online, and contracts can be signed digitally and legally secure. And that’s not all: In order to optimize sales and make your employees work even more efficiently, online meeting providers like Idiligo offer the opportunity to act as a sales enablement tool on top. Structured content is added to the previously very freely held online meetings. The consultant is automatically given the right product information, contract details and questions to the customer at all times. The whole advisory process is predefined in advance by the head of sales. Within a very short period of time, every employee becomes a top sales professional, despite the advice at a distance.

We are pleased that well-known customers such as Rabobank, Citrix and Graydon are already relying on digital sales and advisory processes with Idiligo. Would you like to find out how Idiligo works and also efficiently digitizes your sales? Then just get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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