Idiligo has integrated with Zapier

17 March 2021

Integrate Idiligos Online Meeting software with 3000+ apps

Recently, Idiligo has launched its new integration with Zapier. Zapier enables you to connect with 3000+ apps such as Google calendar, Typeform, Pipedrive an many more. This means, that in order to integrate with third party providers, all you need to do is setting up the integration in Zapier and you are ready to go.

Connect Idiligo to your CRM

You could for example integrate Idiligo with a CRM system such as Pipedrive. This is what the process could look like: You enter a new lead in Pipedrive and schedule an online meeting with him. Via the Zapier integration an online meeting is automatically generated in Idiligo with the customers’ name, address, and company details already stored in the meeting. This saves you time and minimizes entry errors. All you need to do at the scheduled time is start the already prepared online meeting and talk to the customer.

Save time and prevent errors

Since all data is synchronized between Idiligo and the third-party app automatically, you save an enormous amount of time. Manual data entries are not necessary anymore. Plus, automated synchronization prevents input errors, which can easily happen, when copying data from one system to another manually.

Start integrating and streamline your internal processes

If you’d like to learn more about how the Zapier integration works, check out the step-by-step guide in our Support Desk. Or get in touch with us to find out how integrating Idiligo can help your business to be work more effectively.