How to make your resellers more successful

19 October 2018

Most of your resellers are not performing as well as they could

How many of your sales and resellers are truly successful in selling your products? Probably only about 20%.

But the good news is, that he 80% non-performers are your biggest potential. What would happen to your business, if you could turn them into well-performers?

To understand why only a limited amount of your resellers are successful, we consider 3 reasons:


1. It takes experience to learn how to sell your product. The sales agents need to spend a considerable amount of time to get to know your products and learn how to sell them best. This is what we call the learning curve.

2. Resellers offer multiple products from multiple vendors. Why should they focus on yours? Resellers often focus on those products that are the easiest and fastest to sell.

3. Are your resellers proactive enough to “push” your campaign or are they just responding to the requests of their customers. How do you get your resellers to act proactive?

Simply help them increase their sales!

As a vendor it is your highest priority to shorten the learning curve of your resellers to make the sale of your products easy and fun for them. With predefined Idiligo sales scripts you give your resellers a tool to hand, which ensures a consistent and successful sales process.

Idiligo structures your reseller’s online sales meetings and automatically leads them through the different steps of the sales process. From presenting the product, sharing screen to browse through the online shop or having the product order signed online – Idiligo offers a maximum of flexibility and structure at the same time.

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