Digital Customer Experience on the highest level

Microsites from Idiligo simplify and structure digital communication with your customers. With just one click, your participant automatically has access to all the important content of the meeting and the necessary documents. For example:

  • Contact details
  • Documents completed online together
  • Product information and promotional offers
  • Documents to be uploaded
  • E-sign contracts (for synchronous or asynchronous signature)

Develop technically optimized or beautifully designed microsites for individual customers. Or immediately for an entire industry. Definitely be one of the first on the market!

For this purpose, we provide interested companies exclusively with the free* “pre-launch account”.

* You get the exclusive Idiligo “Pre-Launch-Account” for free. The term ends on 02/28/2022. The Idiligo terms and conditions apply. The “pre-launch account” will be extended free of charge for you, with your consent.

Microsite by Idiligo - Official market launch March 2022

Reasons to use microsites:

  • Your customer is prepared before the meeting starts
  • Your customer takes the required actions after the meeting has ended
  • Your customer has access to relevant information about the meeting
  • An excellent opportunity to emphasize your proposition


“ Gartner expects that sellers will increasingly turn to multiexperience, digital solutions to replace their typical face-to-face interactions. This will include digital sales rooms (microsites)...”
Gartner In the Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technology, 2020

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