Efficient sales through automation

30 June 2021

According to a survey, only one third of sales reps’ time is spent on revenue-generating activities. The rest of the time is spent on administrative tasks such as writing emails, copying data to the CRM etc. Moreover, only 22 % of sales reps follow any kind of structured time management.

Why sales automation?

Focus, focus, focus! Having no guideline and the freedom to do almost anything (and nothing) during the sales process can be quite challenging for sales reps. Additionally, being caught up in administrative tasks wastes too much valuable time, which could rather be spent on revenue-generating activities. So, automating the process, providing sales reps with the correct content at the right time, automatically generating invitation and follow up emails or even generating a digital sales room for the potential customer is key to an increased efficiency.

Consistency in sales and communication

Another benefit of sales and content automation is that the organization communicates one consistent and clear message to the customers. Each sales rep is using the correct, same, and latest (!!!) sales content. The system generates emails, offers and digital sales rooms, which all comply with the corporate design and legal standards of the organization. Especially for new team members, who might not be entirely familiar with all products and the perfect sales pitch yet, a guided sales meeting which includes all relevant presentations, information and prices helps to faster sell on a high level and be successful.

Reporting and continuous improvement

Additionally, to providing sales reps with the perfect process and content, detailed reporting on all sales activities also leads to an increased efficiency. Weak spots of the sales reps and/or the process can be uncovered. Specific training can be provided, or the sales process improved.

Increased efficiency through CRM integration

In order to save even more time, all data and content, which is being collected or exchanged during a customer meeting should automatically be synchronized with the internal CRM system. This also prevents sales reps from doing manual data entry mistakes.

What are the next steps?

Idiligo as a solution for online and offline customer meetings combines all above mentioned functions. From creating a predefined process over reporting to integrations with CRM systems.
Get in touch with us or one of our worldwide partners for first chat to check out how this can help your organization to improve sales and customer advice!