Riding the digital transformation wave

21 octobre 2020

2020 has been a year, where digital transformation became mainstream. Almost every business is experiencing rapid changes in their processes and way of working. SaaS such as Idiligo, Cloud Services and Data Centers are the key drivers of this digital transformation.

Learn how to ride the digital transformation wave from chosen channel business experts

SaaS and Cloud are everywhere around. Data centers are the infrastructures that feed the Cloud and broadband delivers everything to our devices. All combined, it is driving the next generation of a digital-first economy that has now been exponentially accelerated. Join the virtual event ChannelNEXT20 on 28. October 2020 and learn more about smart SaaS & Cloud solutions. Talk to experts, vendors and other like-minded people interested in digital transformation. Among the experts include:

Frank Korthouwer (Idiligo) comes from The Netherlands and for years, he has been busy building a virtual tool that will help any sales rep to become a better digital sales warrior. Everyone knows that virtual selling is the new normal as in-person is still off in the distant future. And, even when in-person selling does return, virtual will have become a much bigger component of the sales process. Idiligo’s solution was built for this digital-first selling game. Frank will be showing exactly how this is the one digital tool that every sales rep needs to add to their virtual selling game to become champions.

Dr. Denis Cauvier is a best selling author that has spoken to over 1.7 million people. He is a top expert in leadership and human resources. He will present his new book that was co-authored by Shane Gibson. The book is called « Real Results in a Virtual Economy ». It makes the case for a digital-first transformation of business to be in sync with the new buyers’ journey. MSPs and VARs can leverage the book to easily make the case to their customers. Vendors can leverage the book to make a strong case for their solution to be part of the digital mix.

Neil Jeffrey is from the UK, and he is way ahead of the curve when it comes to coaching businesses to drive their sales. He has developed his own process and platform to help anyone to achieve their goals and get the support that they need on-demand! There is an option to get live coaching on demand as well as to join Mastermind peer groups. This is how ANY channel partner can build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business 365 days a year!

Victor Raessen is a channel leader coming from The Netherlands! Victor started as an MSP selling into the channel for leading companies like Datto and Autotask. He is also active with CompTIA. During his journey he saw a big need for MSPs to connect with each other and learn without any bias. He decided to build a platform as there was nothing on the market. Victor will be showcasing the platform so you can see exactly why and how it can help you.

Randal Wark knows the DNA of the MSP. He can help MSPs identify their gaps and fill them. Randal will be there to talk with MSPs to help you fix what is keeping you awake at night.

Sign up for free for the virtual event ChannelNEXT20 on 28. October 2020 and learn, how you can ride the digital transformation wave. Get in touch with us, if you have any questions!


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