Redefine your sales activities

26 November 2020

Use the last month of 2020 to rethink your sales processes and prepare for a new year with new opportunities ahead.

Like most businesses, you were probably forced to rethink sales and your processes behind it this year. At the start of 2020, plans were set, strategies were laid out and your sales reps were ready to go! And then – everything stopped, on-site sales and business trips were a no-go. What happened was, that lots of businesses either stopped/decreased their sales activities or tried to quickly set up some kind of digital sales environment so that sales reps were able to at least do something in their home office time.

A race against time began…

…because time means money. Even if some realized, that it is perfectly fine, not to drive to the customer for EVERY meeting and were able to somehow maintain their customer communication relatively stable, STILL, some questions remained: How do I do this? How can a product be explained just as good online, as it is always done on-site, face-to-face? How can I close the deal legally secure? So, what started was a random mix of software and communication channels. Starting a video call, sharing screens to show an (outdated) presentation found somewhere on the computer, then switching back to paper mail in order to get contracts signed, and so on… An obvious inefficiency took its course, at least with regards to the sales process.

Lessons learned: digital communication and sales are good but must be set up properly.

It is understandable that many businesses will want to go back to on-site sales again, as soon as it’s possible. That would be the easiest. But why not take a minute to stop and think about, whether it is even the best choice to exactly go back to how everything was before!? Wouldn’t it make sense to continue mapping some points of the sales process online for the sake of efficiency and protecting the climate? To spend less time in the car, and therefore have more time for MORE sales? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?! But if you do so, do it properly:

Rethink your sales process from scratch: Use the start of a new year to give your digital sales a second chance.

For 2021, don’t be satisfied with a random mix of software, offline channels and interim solutions. Plan everything thoroughly so that what you do makes sense for your business and your employees. Think about, which steps of the sales process can be done offline, and which ones could permanently be shifted to online. As soon as you have decided, which steps to do online, choose your tool. We recommend not to jump back and for the between different solutions since this results in a horrible customer experience. If you use a tool like Idiligo, you can be sure, that on one hand, you can define the whole process, which your sales reps should go through with your customer and that on the other hand, all the right information (presentations, contract documents,…) are automatically part of the online communication process. Even contracts can be signed digitally and legally secure.

Asking for help is ok. Ask us – we are there for you!

So, don’t be afraid to start into a new year full of challenges. See the challenge as a chance- especially, when you’ve got a strong partner at your side, who can help you reach your goals! We look forward to discuss with you, how you can go from “I’m doing some kind of virtual sales” to “I’m a virtual sales expert and have even increased my conversion rate by shifting to online tools”! Get in touch with us or one of our certified partners to have a chat. We would be more than happy to be your partner for 2021…and ever after!