Customer success story: Recruiting / HR

25 February 2021

“By holding job interviews with Idiligo and integrating it into our internal applicant CRM, we save an enormous amount of time and minimize errors. We can recruit applicants nationwide and our interview process has been optimized. “


In order to get to know a large number of applicants, it has always been necessary to meet in person at the agency. In addition, the content of the meeting and the applicants’ competencies had to be entered and updated manually in the CRM system after the meeting, which caused the recruiter having to spend additional time after the meeting. In addition, letters and emails had to be written, either to schedule another meeting or to inform the applicant that he would be contacted again at a later date.


The job interviews take place digitally via online meeting with Idiligo. The meetings follow a clear interview process, which offers a certain amount of flexibility. At the beginning of the meeting, the applicants’ personal details are discussed, some of which have already been imported automatically from the CRM. This is followed by a short personnel questionnaire. Points such as availability, possession of a driver’s license, etc. are queried here. The recruiter then has the opportunity to upload the job posting so that it can be viewed and discussed by both parties. The applicant can also upload his CV, references or other documents in order to discuss these together. At the end of the meeting, the recruiter automatically sends an invitation to a follow-up meeting or a general thank you email conveniently from Idiligo. The applicant data collected during the online meeting is automatically sent to the internal applicant CRM via an interface so that it is always up-to-date and synchronized.

Used features: Make choices, Fill in forms, Upload document, Present documents, Autogenerate & send email


By using Idiligo for job interviews, the agency can recruit staff nationwide without the applicants having to travel far. Due to the pre-structured process, the applicants are offered a consistent interview quality. The integration of Idiligo with the applicant CRM saves an enormous amount of time and minimizes input errors, as on the one hand manual entry for the documentation of applicant data is no longer necessary and on the other hand complex preparation and follow-up activities are no longer required.


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