How to keep control of your sales reps working from home?

18 January 2021

What to do, when all of a sudden sales reps are not present at the office anymore but working from home? How can an employer be sure that the sales reps are doing what they are supposed to and that they are still delivering perfect customer advice, without actually meeting the customers face to face? Of course, there are video conferencing tools on the market, but are they really controlling, what the sales reps are doing? Are they ensuring that the perfect sales pitch is delivered? And are they delivering a report to the employer, about how many meetings were held and what the outcome of it was? Most likely the answer is: no, most of the common video conferencing tools are not able to do this!

A sales tool to optimize sales talks via online meeting

Give your sales reps a tool to hand which optimizes their sales talks and gives the employer the chance to analyze performance at the same time. What if the employer could find a way to provide his sales reps working from home with the perfect sales process? Including all relevant product presentations, prices, contracts, and the possibility to even sign documents or schedule follow up meetings as a standard part of the process. No follow up calls are necessary to receive the customer’s signature, and the sales reps can’t forget to schedule the next meeting.

Reports deliver insight into your sales reps’ sales performance at home

Let the numbers speak for themselves! Analyze, how many customer meetings your sales reps did, how often they showed a certain presentation or how often they sent out a product offer. No matter, which detail or step of the communication process you want to be analyzed, this can be delivered in a simple overview. Like this, you can optimize your sales reps’ performance by uncovering, where the process might still have weak points, where the rep feels insecure and always stops the meeting or anything else.

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